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Based at Aston-le-Walls, Jodie has the perfect setup to cater for your every need





The facilities at Aston-le-Walls are exceptional and provide the perfect setting for training event horses of the highest calibre. From backing and producing the youngsters to working with the more established advanced horses, an absolute perfectionist Jodie offers a 5 star competition livery service to cater for their every need. Each horse is very much treated as an individual, cared for by a team of girls who simply love the horses, no stone is left unturned and their attention to detail is second to none. 

Jodie and her team also provide a schooling livery, a more intensive package to help progress your horse and focus on a particular discipline or weakness, as well as a breaking livery.

Finally, you can chose to base yourself with Jodie and benefit from both horse and rider training, progressing under her watchful eye, guidance and experience.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss you requirements further.


Buying & Selling

If you don't have the time, space or the right facilities to sell your horse, it can be done professionally by Jodie and her team. With a very honest reputation in the industry, Jodie not only has the contacts but the perfect setup at Aston-le-Walls to show case your horse to the best of its potential. Equally if you are in the market for buying a horse, as well as the horses available on site, Jodie has developed an extensive network of contacts over the years both in the UK and abroad. Jodie caters for all different ages, levels of experience and budgets, assisting with the entire process and taking great pride in successfully matching the right horse with the right rider.




Breaking is a crucial stage to kickstarting any young horses education and setting them up on the right path for hopefully a successful career to follow, whatever their chosen discipline. Catherine has years of experience in this field and has developed quite a reputation now for giving horses the best possible start, learning their jobs confidently and unpressurised whilst enjoying a huge variety within their work. The facilities at Aston-le-Walls certainly provide the perfect playground for learning, making the service that is offered particularly unique. Catherine spends a considerable amount of time insuring no stages are skipped and the correct groundwork is established, long reining the horses around the farm and presenting them with all the different natural obstacles and challenges they will face later down the line. Catherine's expertise in this area is truly exceptional and the horses always thrive from her confidence, the simplicity and clarity with which she does things gives young horses the perfect grounding and all-round education to excel.



Teaching is something Jodie takes great pleasure in, sharing her knowledge with others and watching them progress to whatever level of competition they are looking to achieve. Jodie offers training in all three disciplines, using the fantastic facilities at Aston-le-Walls and as well as individual lessons, is also available for group bookings. Jodie is equally happy to travel to other venues and being bilingual, regularly runs clinics in France and Belgium.

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