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New Title Sponsor for 2015 - Whitewall Galleries!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Jodie is really excited to announce a new partnership with title sponsor "Whitewall Galleries - accessible, affordable and collectible artwork"

Whitewall Galleries are the Country's leading retailer of contemporary art through a nationwide network of quality galleries. Whitewall brings the finest artwork from around the world to a discerning audience of art lovers. Placing the emphasis on individuality and quality, Whitewall reflects the exhilarating character and infinite variety of the contemporary art scene. 

"This is a fantastic opportunity for me to introduce a non equestrian business to the sport - Whitewall Galleries are a very contemporary, stylish and successful network of art galleries. We are currently co-branding all team clothing and horse gear in Whitewall Galleries colours and logo and I'm looking forward to working with such a creative and passionate company, clearly a pioneer in the modern day world of art retailing." Jodie Amos 

"As a new and unique sponsor to the world of eventing we are delighted  to support Jodie and we are thrilled that she will be representing Whitewall Galleries on the circuit. After Jodie's highly successful 2014 we are proud to be a part of her team and wish her tremendous success for the coming season." Jonathan Kearns, Group Managing Director

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